U2 360 Tour – Chicago – 07/05/2011 – One Tree Hill

My view of a very rare, full performance of the song “One Tree Hill” ! First full song performance in the US since 1987! It was an unplanned song added by Bono to the end of the normal setlist. Which in itself is a rarity on this tour. Bono decided while talking before Moment of Surrender about their good friend Greg Carroll, his former personal assistant who died 25 years ago this week and for whom he wrote One Tree Hill, that they would play this song afterwards. Then he asked The Edge. He couldn’t promise it, but if they could get the technical part worked out they might try it. Sure enough they did! Bono, I kept my end of the deal. You guys didn’t screw up really badly, so I put it on the Internet! :)
Video Rating: 5 / 5