I Like It / Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull / Lyrics on screen.!

MY FIRST VIDEO THAT HAS REACHED A MILLION!! GUYS I THINK IM IN LOVE and im sorry for the pitch!!!!! annnnnd for the record, the “party, karamu, etc” is originally from lionel richie’s song “all night long”. this and also the cheetah girls “fuego” sampled it from lionel richie’s song. song: I Like It artists: Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull album: Euphoria madewith: Sony Vegas Pro 9 graphic belongs to its rightful owners & gotten from a youtube video :) TWITTER:) www.twitter.com/moviechica2222 [[LYRICSALSOHERE]] One Love.. One Love Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull Ya’ll know what time it is. We go set it off tonight, just go Set the club on fire, just go Enrique! Holla at them like… Girl please excuse me If I’m coming too strong But tonight is the night We can really let go My girlfriend is out of town And I’m all alone Your boyfriend is on vacation And he doesn’t have to know No oh oh, oh oh No one can do the things I’m gonna wanna do to you No oh oh, oh oh Shout aloud, screamin loud Let me hear you go! Baby I like it The way you move on the floor Baby I like it Come on and give me some more Oh yes I like it Screaming like never before Baby I like it I, I, I like it. Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever Girl please excuse me If I’m misbehaving, oh I’m trying keep my hands off But you’re begging me for more Round round round Give a low low low Let the time time pass ‘Cause we’re never getting old No oh oh, oh oh No one can do it better turn around I’ll give you more No oh oh, oh oh
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