LeBon LeBon “All I Want Is Megan Fox For Christmas”

The world premiere of yet another film she unjustly, could not get herself cast in…: From the forthcoming: Cabaret Posh EP LeBon LeBon A perfect holiday gift Available everywhere soon Megan Fox For Christmas We are on the eve of what will eventually be known as the LeBon Epoch. Our tireless hours in the studio and my extensive berating of these young, dare I say it; “Gentlemen” have produced the evolutionary equivalent of the first Upright Man. (Lebonicus Erectus) This is the video of the lead off single that future cinema scholars will surely compare with the earlier, more pedestrian efforts of messieurs Scorsese, DeMille, Fellini, Bunuel and other wannabes. We Hope You enjoy it. Please feel free to comment. Sir Isaac
Video Rating: 4 / 5