Thomas and Emily – What If (Kate Winslet)

I made this video a very long time ago as a contribute to celebrate the rumor that Thomas and Emily have been announced as a “Couple” (lol), its not confirmed that they are on the show, but the fact that they spend so much time together is a possibility, and as quite a few people were making music videos about it at the time I thought I make one of my own. Now a year after making it, I finally decided to host it here. So I hope you enjoy it =) Yes, Kate Winslet is one of my favourite female singers. Fun-Fact: Kate Winslet won the award for “Most Wanted Figure” (something like that), whilst the woman who won the award for “Most Unwanted Figure” was Victoria Beckham (Frankly I am not surprised xD) Enjoy Yes my name is “Locomotive” on the Thomas forums =P
Video Rating: 4 / 5