Tennis Strokes and Tactics: Improve Your Game

Tennis Strokes and Tactics: Improve Your Game

A tennis tune-up for players of all skill levels. From the serve, ground strokes and volleys to the smashes, lobs and drop shots, this unique coaching manual illustrates each stroke from five angles: front, back, left, right and above. In this all-around skills guide, tennis pro John Littleford delivers expert guidance to identify accurate positioning of feet, body and the racquet — just like having a personal pro watching, correcting and coaching every swing. Tennis Strokes and Tactics features step-by-step analysis and multi-angle photography that illustrates how to: Track the ball to the racquet head using hand-eye coordination Maintain correct posture and good footwork Establish correct and comfortable grips Hit a forehand

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Cape Dory

Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, a husband/wife duo from Denver in Colorado. For fans of Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls and Real Estate.

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