John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen , James La Brie, the Ark) DRUM SOLO

Great Drummer John Macaluso accepted to be a guest of The Drum Brother and shared his experience and drum knowledge with us!! Enjoy!! The taste of songwriting, both lyrically and musically, was now inspiring John to do more than just drumming. His passion for recording drove him to record dozens of records after the demise of ARK. John says, “Playing with different musicians and people who play different styles of music thrills me. I learn something new every session and record a history for myself by doing so, I never get bored”. John spent a short time touring with guitarist George Lynch of Dokken, travelling all over the United States. After attending The NAMM Show in California, John learns from drummer Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater that his singer, James LaBrie, was looking for a drummer to bring on tour for his solo record Elements Of Persuasion. With Mike’s recommendation, John receives the call from James and finds himself touring the world yet again. John claims, “This was one of my favorite tours ever, such a great time and great grooving band.” He would later satisfy his taste for writing again and put out a solo record where he is joined by friends and fellow musicians James LaBrie and guitarist from the touring band, Marco Sfogli. During his free time on and off the road John would write and record beats, fills and document the techniques and theories that he claims had given him a style and a sound like no other. He would later organize