How to Live Like Gwyneth Paltrow

Check out this cool app and learn guitar – So you don’t have her looks, her pedigree, a rock star husband, famous friends, or unlimited funds. The least you can do is _try_ to live like Gwyneth Paltrow, by following a few tips from her lifestyle blog GOOP. Here are a few ways Gwyneth honors her motto: “Nourish the inner aspect.” To complete this how-to, you will need: 7-day cleanses Positive thoughts Conspicuous consumption Exercise Classics Cucumber smoothies Castor oil (optional) Step 1: Detox Do the occasional 7-day cleanse. Eliminate dairy, grains with gluten, meat, shellfish, fatty nuts like peanuts and macadamias, condiments, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soda, nightshade vegetables, and anything processed, including all soy products. The rest of the time, eat whatever you want — except for sugar, white flour, dairy, and caffeine. Good luck! If the cleanse causes constipation, drink 1/2 cup castor oil. Step 2: Police your thoughts Police your thoughts to replace negativity with sunshine and lollipops. Specifically, do not delight in the misfortunes of others — as Gwyneth admitted on GOOP she once did when “something unfortunate and humiliating” happened to an ex-friend. Step 3: Turn off the tap “Take your drinking water to the next level” with an alkaline filtration system. Surely clean water is worth the 0 price tag. And while you’ve got the credit card out, here’s a tip: Women _love_ the Hermes Cape Cod Watch. At 50, why not buy 2? Step 4: Work out
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