Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck – A Dateline Special (Part 6)

A look into the lives and relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez with interviews conducted by Pat O’Brien. Looks like they have so much fun. I think under different circumstances they would’ve been great together, however Marc Anthony takes good care of her and truly makes her happy. This is what Ben Affleck said last April about the special: ‘At a certain point I think you have to strike a balance between what you owe people who finance your work and the degree to which you can protect the integrity of your personal life. In that case, I erred on the side of not sufficiently protecting my own privacy. If I could do it all again I would not have done that TV special and I will not do anything like it in the future.’ Miraculously I don’t have part 2 and 3 so if anyone has them, please let me know!