Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure

Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure

  • One of the 10 best books of 1995 – business week
  • author Jerry kaplan

In 1987, Jerry Kaplan embarked on every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream–he formed his own company. Startup is Kaplan’s riveting and insightful story about what it takes to create and maintain a company in he computer industry–and how to handle its remains when the world is not ready to accept what it proposes. This is both an inspiring personal account and a thrilling adventure story of what goes on behind the world of the computer screen.The founder of the visionary, yet doomed, GO Corporation kept notes throughout his years at the helm, thinking that one day he would produce a book. It shows. This is a vivid and lively rise-and-fall account of a company born to create a pen-based computer. It begins on a corporate jet with the aut

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