iCarbons Black Carbon Fibre Skin Installation for Macbook Pro 13″

Hey guys! This is a video on the installation of the iCarbons black carbon fibre skin for the back of my Macbook Pro 13″. If you want the unboxing video, go look for it on my channel :) So anyways this product sells for USD19.96 on www.icarbons.com They also offer white carbon fibre skins, as well as light and dark wood skins for several other products, such as gaming devices, the apple TV, iPods and iPhones. Go check them out! If you want more advanced and detailed installation videos, iCarbons also has there own youtube channel. And sorry i havent been uploading for a while… school just started and I’m starting to get a little busy. Please feel free to rate, comment and subscribeee! And before I forget: MIND THE AIR BUBBLES! :)))
Video Rating: 5 / 5