New Computer Build (HD) [how to build a computer in 8 minutes]

How to build a computer in under 8 minutes. A video I made of a computer build from early 2009 It cost around £700 for the components including the monitor but excluding the OS. I used the Windows 7 release candidate. Does everything an average user* would need a PC to do with relative ease; rips a DVD in less than 1/2 hr, handles video footage from my camcorder in full HD (1920×1280) @ 60fps. It rendered this video to 1280×720 in less than 1 hour and will handle games easily at the highest settings. I didn’t test it with Crysis, only with games I already had; Mass Effect. *Editing is very time consuming so a lot of the fiddly bits ie CABLE MANAGEMENT was taken care of afterwards and was not edited in to the actual video* Feel free to ask questions about components or where to buy them. Comment and rate if you like it. *Please don’t swear in the comments* Comments that contain vulgar language, flaming, trolling, advertising or spamming will be deleted immediately. Enjoy, Thanks.