Tom Cruise’s Daughter Moves In With Nicole Kidman!

Cruise’s daughter, Isabella, has reportedly left the Church of Scientology and moved in with her mom and Keith Urban in Nashville! WE HEAR TOM CRUISE’S DAUGHTER, ISABELLA, IS FED UP WITH SCIENTOLOGY, SHE’S MOVED OUT OF HIS HOUSE AND SHE’S NOW LIVING WITH NICOLE KIDMAN! DRAMA!!! ALTHOUGH A CRUISE PUBLICIST DENIES IT, A FORMER SCIENTOLOGY SOURCE TELLS THE DAILY.COM, AFTER NICOLE AND TOM GOT DIVORCED, ISABELLA AND HER BROTHER, CONNOR, WERE ENCOURAGED BY THE CHURCH THE TO CUT TIES WITH THEIR MOTHER. ISABELLA’S SCIENTOLOGY TUTOR ADMITS, “There was a little resistance going on at that time. She maybe was too intelligent or too independent for that culture even as a 10-year-old girl.” SO, IN DECEMBER, AFTER HER 18TH BIRTHDAY, ISABELLA REPORTEDLY MOVED OUT OF TOM’S PLACE AND WENT TO LIVE WITH NICOLE AND KEITH URBAN IN NASHVILLE. IN MARCH, IN TOUCH WEEKLY REPORTED THAT ISABELLA MOVED OUT BECAUSE SHE CLASHED WITH KATIE HOLMES… AND YET ANOTHER SOURCE TELLS UK’S GRAZIA MAGAZINE, “Over the years, she’s become closer to Nicole. They talk on the phone every day. Katie does her best to bond with Isabella, but can never be as close as Nicole. There is friction.”
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