Christina Aguilera: A Star is Made: The Unauthorized Biography

Christina Aguilera: A Star is Made: The Unauthorized Biography

It is the first analytical, serious and uncensored look at Christina’s life and her rise to the pinnacle of the pop world. A controversial and elusive figure, Christina Aguilera has polarized and mesmerized audiences since the beginning.  While fans praise her sultry, soulful voice, a growing contingent of detractors finds her whole persona tacky.  Even other artists, including Eminem have openly proclaimed their dislike of her; and her idol, Mariah Carey, refused to talk to her.  Love her or hate her, Christina’s success is without precedent.  Millions and millions of her albums sold worldwide.  It seems that everything she touches turns platinum.  In Christina Aguilera:  A Star is Made, author Pier Dominguez traces th

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Christina Aguilera began performing in talent shows when she was six years old. She appeared on “Star Search” at the age of eight. At ten she sang the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and at twelve, she joined the cast of “The New Mickey Mouse Club.” If she seems in a hurry, she is. “I’ve wanted to be a star since I was six or seven,” she said. The release of her debut album soared to the top of the music charts scoring two number one hit singles with sales surpassing the ten million mark. All this, along with winning the 2000 Grammy for Best New Artist was not bad for a kid who had not yet turned twenty. Her success continued with “Mi Reflejo,” the smash Spanish language version of her debut, followed by her hit holiday rel

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