Windows Phone 8 Begins Development, Mango RTM Leaked And More – Windows Phone View

List of X-Box Live Games Here: Watch this week’s Windows Phone view as we go through all things Good and Bad inside the world of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. In the Good section we go through Microsoft’s recent job posting to begin developing for Windows Phone 8 which is the Apollo project. We also talk about the recent leak of Windows Phone Mango RTM at XDA-Developers and how to get it. We go through recent images posted by a software developer regarding strange Nokia and Acer devices testing his games at Redmond and the 14 new games that are on schedule for the Marketplace. We go through Compal’s commitment to build 2 million Windows Phones for Nokia and Acer by September and Microsoft’s new strategies to get Celebrities using Windows Phones. In the Bad section we go through Microsoft’s recent decision to close down Microsoft Reader, the turn down of probable rumors of a Mango launch on September 1st and we also go through the terrible pricing of the Fujitsu-Toshiba AU IS12T. Website: Twitter Facebook: