Diamond Cup Golf 2011

The Business Golf Partner Club is a partnership between the leading golf clubs in selected countries. At present it counts Poland’s Rosa Private Golf Club and Austria’s Diamond Country Club as well as Czech Republic’s Prosper Golf Club Celadna which are host to the European PGA Tour. Members of these golf clubs enjoy the same conditions at the partner clubs when visiting as at their home club. The partnership concept aims to catalyze new business opportunities and help source clients, investor and merger opportunities abroad. Through initiatives such as the DiamondCup, a golf tournament co sponsored by Diamond Country Club and Rosa Private golf club, at this year’s venue Rosa Private Golf Club in Poland the partnering golf clubs aspire to bring business opportunities to new heights abroad by showcasing their member’s businesses at such events, yet put a lot of weight on a cross cultural integration. Diamond Country Club has invited Bentley Vienna, Lamborghini and Breitling to become this years ambassadors of the DiamondCup with it’s Polish support of Rosa Private Golf Club, Press-Glas and Apart. In addition to promoting it’s sponsors, Diamond Country Club aims to promote Vienna as a well rounded holiday destination with the Diamond Country Club in it’s epicenter.
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