Michael Jackson ♥ღ HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2011 ♥ “HALO” (Beyoncé) HD

www.youtube.com – ITALIAN VERSION – Michael Jackson ♥ღ BUON COMPLEANNO 2011 ♥ “HALO” (Beyoncé) HD It was a long time now I wanted to use this tribute by Beyoncé to dedicate a video to Michael … TO THE MAN AND THE ARTIST … what a better circumstance of your birthday Michael… YOUR HALO NEVER FADE OUT… NEVER! God bless you my sweet angel… I love you More! PS I have to apologize for using last photo… I didn’t know, but is FAKE! This is ukranian girl Elena Romanenkova… I’m sorry about that… I took it from www. mjphotoscollector.com and I thought it was safe source. **DISCLAIMER** ALL COPYRIGHTS OF AUDIO AND IMAGES CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO DON’T BELONG TO ME. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE AUDIO AND IMAGES CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO. THE AUDIO AND VIDEO CLIPS ARE UPLOADED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. THEREFORE NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED
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