Chris Brown and Rihanna – Open Road (I Love Her)

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED I found the original videos on youtube (I dont remember the channels, but if you want me to credit you, I’ll do it). Thanks to Ultimate Rihanna for some of the original videos I’ve used. When I first heard this song I knew I had to make a video. The song is called Open Road (I love her) and it’s gonna be on Chris Brown’s new album Fortune. He said he’d add some stuff to it and mix it so it might a little different from this one. Im not quite satisfied with the results. I hoped I could make it better, but perfection doesnt exist. I tried my best to put together all the clips I could find. Chris and Rihanna are the proof love is never perfect, but you know what? They shared a real and unconditional love. I don’t even wanna get into the old same story that some people seem to always bring up. It’s been over 2 years and I feel it’s time that we all sit down and think about giving Chris a second chance. As far as Im concerned I already forgave him. I don’t believe in people judging other people’s life. I say, before you feel like pointing your finger at someone, think about what you’ve done so far in your life. We’re never right and nobody’s perfect. People make mistakes, that’s what makes us human. My biggest wish is that Rihanna Navy and Team Breezy could put all the hate aside and get together to support these awesome artists. We can love them both. If you’re a hater, dont even waste your time watching or commenting it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5