Baby Cham ft Alicia Keys – Ghetto Story Music Video (HQ) & Lyrics

Here’s my, ghetto story (*Story) (This a survival story, true ghetto story) Been in hell through the fire, now, gonna take it higher Here’s my, survival story (*Story) (This is my story, real ghetto story, hey) So many reasons to sing now, plus now we got the keys to the kingdom [Verse 1: Baby Cham] I remember those days when Hell was my home,When Me and Mama bed was a big piece a foam,An mi never like bathe and my hair never comb When Mama gone a work me go street go roam,I remember when Danny dem tek me snow cone,An mek him likkle bredda dem kick up Jerome I remember when we visit dem wid pure big stone,An the boy Danny pop out something weh full chrome I remember when we run, Fatta get him knee blown,An mi best friend Richie get, two inna him dome I remember so the avenue tun inna warzone,An ,Mickey madda fly him out, cau she get a loan But, Mickey go to foreign and go tun Al Capone,Mek whole heap a money and sen in our own Now a we a lock the city and, that is well known,Yesterday Mickey call me pan mi phone, Mi say Mickey….. [Chorus: Baby Cham] We get di ting dem,Dem outta luck now Mi squeeze seven and the whole a dem a duck now,We have whole heap a extra clip cau we nuh bruk now,Rah…Rah..Rah…Rah [Alicia Keys] (Baby Cham) We got the kingdom so we have to make way,We take it from the bottom to the top baby And now the whole community can live greatly,(Rah…Rah..Rah…Rah) [Verse 2: Alicia Keys] (Baby Cham) I remember those days when, we was dead broke,And, I