Peggy Lee Goes Behind the Bamboo Curtain China 台灣大學生參訪中國大陸

Video of my first visit to China!!! :) **You can make a donation to Peggy @ ************************** For 1 on 1 Chinese tutor lessons, please visit: Ever since I have started the tutor lessons on Skype, learners throughout the world discovered me on YouTube. I have taught people from Australia, France, Bangladesh, Canada, America, Kenya, Italy, Nepal and England. It’s so much FUN to get to meet people from different places! You are the next! ; ) ****************** The sound effect is from evening in the forest is added by the user, reinsamba monster is added by the user, Sea Fury craw is added by the user, inchadney The use of background music: Run for your Life and Heading for the Battle has been approved by YouTube user, rickvanman
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