Glee S2 Ep.17 Recap ft. Gwyneth Paltrow & Charice: A Night of Neglect – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Charice made a big return to Glee last night, while another guest star said good-bye. Keep on watching for the full story! I’m Joslyn Davis at the ClevverTV headquarters in Hollywood with a recap on the latest episode of Glee, “A Night of Neglect.” The amazeballs factor on the show went through the roof with appearances from both Charice, who returned as New Directions’ top competition Sunshine Corazon, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow, who did her thing as Mr. Shue’s noncommittal substitute-teaching-girlfriend. A Night of Neglect followed the Glee clubbers as they attempted to raise some serious moolah for their big trip to New York, as well as for an another academic competition club that Mike, Artie, Brittany and Tina are a part of. The big group, led by Mr. Shuester puts on a big benefit show with plans to perform songs from artists that have been neglected, which Sunshine tries to be a part of, until Sue finds out and foils the plan. But that’s after we get to hear Charice totally kill it with her take on Celine Dion’s hit-song “All By Myself.” Ultimately, the Night of Neglect is a total mess, because after Sunshine ditches the performance none of her promised-attendees show up. With about 5 people in the audience the fundraiser is a bust, but we still got some amazing performances specifically from Mercedes, who while channeling her inner Aretha Franklin, has a slight lapse into diva-like-behavior. We also get to see a