Derrick Rose Top 10 Career Dunks HD

Click Here To Learn How To Dominate On The Basketball Court Like Derrick Rose: Twitter: Facebook: 2nd Channel: “Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners. This is only clipped for entertainment.” ===UPDATE=== I made a new dunk list of Derrick Rose’s top 10 career dunks not to long ago so click on the link below and watch thanks. I’m just tired of all the stupid comments. WHERE’S HIS REVERSE WINDMILL?!?!?! WHERE’S HIS ALLEY AGAINST THE HAWKS?!?!?! All these dunks by Derrick Rose were put in this order by my opinion, so this is NO official list. (1/31/10) (Made this list by request, also number’s 3 to 1 were hard to decide on which order, please do not criticize) #10 Derrick Rose recieves a pass in the paint from Thabo Sefolosha and rises for the two-handed tomahawk against the Wizards. #9 Derrick Rose drives into the paint and throws down a sick two-handed tomahawk on the Thunder defenders. #8 Derrick Rose speeds pass Andre Miller and Thaddeus Young and throws down the two-handed tomahawk. #7 Derrick Rose gets an alley oop pass from Ben Gordon and rises for the one-handed slam dunk finish. #6 Derrick Rose follows the missed jumper from Kirk Hinrich and throws down the one-handed putback slamer. #5 Derrick Rose cuts to the paint and gets a pass from Brad Miller and throws one down on Donte Green. #4