LeBron nice shot behind the basket NBA 2K11

Kyrie Irving got off to a phenomenal start for his college career at Duke, averaging 17.4 points and 5.1 assists per game in the eight games he played before a right toe injury that left him sidelined indefinitely. If he declares for the 2011 draft, Kyrie will likely be a top 3 pick. Many scouts believe his name could be the first one called. He’s quick and likes to take the ball hard to the basket and is an aggressive defensive player as well. NBADraft.net compares his game to Chris Paul, definitely a good name to be compared to. Swoosh Nation (swooshnation.com) is a site completely dedicated towards basketball, from the NBA to the NCAA and even to the international game as well. Our dedicated team of writers work hard towards providing you the best coverage of what is going on in the world of hoops. In addition to just basketball news, Swoosh Nation is also a social network. A member can connect with other basketball fans, share videos and pictures, create or join groups, start a blog, post in the message board, and much more. We are hoping to launch the site this March. Have an idea for a mix? Let me know by either commenting on this video, commenting on my page, or sending me a message.
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