crazy street soccer tricks

This is Remi Gilard and he has a channel.I have to say when i put this video i did not know it was already in youtube and btw i did not steal this someone happened to sedn me this video and i just thought it was cool to have it on my channel. People i know it not right to get subscriber for a video i did not make , for that i am going to make a soccer video of my own I happen to be a good player. Don’t hate what you Can’t imitate.

Learn how to do the Rabona Fake. Step 1. Non kicking foot next to the ball. If the non kicking foot is your left foot you need to put it to the right of the ball, but if it is your right foot put it to the left of the ball. Step 2. Pretend to kick the ball making it look like you do the Rabona. Step 3. use the outside of the kicking foot to pull or drag the ball behind the standing leg. Steve Roberts
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