Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot

Federer knocks can off crew member’s head during a Gillette / British Skin Foundation shoot

*** BACKGROUND MUSIC INFO IS BELOW! *** PLEASE READ THE COPYRIGHT INFORMATION BELOW *** Way back in 1958, William Higinbotham invented Tennis For Two to liven up visitor day at Brookhaven National Laboratory, his workplace. The game uses an oscilloscope with two control pads. It remained largely unknown until 1981 when a lawyer trying to break Magnavox’s patent for video games came across writings talking about the game. Blueprints of it were found to predate Magnavox’s game, the case was settled out of court, and the game found fame as the second ever invented, since it was later predated by AS Douglas’ ‘OXO’ game from 1952. The video is sourced from Brookhaven National Laboratory, a governmental institution, and as such, the video is in public domain. Peacespeakers’ music is released under a Creative Commons license. You can see a video of theirs here: *** Whilst the components of this video are free, this video itself is not. You should not re-upload this video verbatim anywhere, especially with no attribution. Whilst I’ve had many people do this, a few have been kind enough to message and ask to display the video somewhere off YouTube, which in most cases is fine. All I ask is that you ask *** Edit: I’ve been asked quite a few times what music this is. It’s ‘To Find Our Freedom’ by Peacespeakers, from the album ‘Message From Planet Earth’. Their web page can also be found here:
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