Hilary Swank Talks About “Conviction!”

www.facebook.com I love Hilary Swank! The two-time Academy Award winner is a down-to-earth and sweet person! I interviewed her for “Amelia” last year, and this year, I chatted with her for her new film “Conviction.” Swank plays the true-life character of Betty Anne Waters, a working mother whose love for her wrongfully convicted brother is so deep that she will do anything to help set him free. The ensemble cast is great headed by Swank and Sam Rockwell who plays her brother, Kenny. Minnie Driver, Juliette Lewis, and Melissa Leo complete the cast. In this interview, Swank and I talked about: • What got her interested in the film both as an actress and as an executive producer? • What’s her attraction to true-life stories? • How did she prepare for the role? • How did she pick the actors to work with? Written by Pamela Gray and directed by Tony Goldwyn, “Conviction” is out in theaters right now.