Turkish & Albanian Drug Traffickers Busted by Italian Police

www.qeveria.eu Turkey is the source of 90% of the West’s supply heroin, opiates, & morphine. The recent arrests within Turkey on January 27 2008, reaffirmed the rumours surrounding the Susurluk scandal Zaman Newspaper Monday, January 28, 2008 PAŞAS IN A PANIC AND DEEP STATE DRUG TRAFFICKING “Since the 1950s, Turkey has played a key role in channelling into Europe and the United States the heroin produced in the “Golden Triangle” comprised by Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. The operation is run by mafia groups closely controlled by the MIT.” ~ Kendal Nezan. AP Tuesday, 29 January, 2008 Germany’s Niedersachsen State’s anti-drug department, Landeskrimi-nalamtes (LKA), which tapped the phones of some of the Ergenekon members as part of a narcotics investigation, proved that Ergenekon members were indeed in the drug business as well. Almost every night rubber dinghy come from Albania to Italy loaded with Drugs. Albanian and Turkish criminal groups operating from Albania due to its geographical position have trasformed the country into a transit point for illegal drugs being shipped to western Europe. IN 2007, Interpol destroyed an international heroin & cocaine-smuggling network shipping the drug to Italy and other western European countries via Albania. Police arrested about 20 traffickers and seized eight tonnes of heroin and cocaine (13 were Turkish, 6 Albanian & 1 Bosnian). The operation involved the joint efforts of drug squads of seven south American countries and
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