Celeb Style Transformation: Nicole Kidman

Subscribe & be notified of new videos from CelebTV – www.youtube.com Follow Us! – www.twitter.com Become a Fan! – www.facebook.com From curly-haired cutie to Hollywood beauty, Nicole Kidman has evolved into a red-carpet star. Nicole Kidman burst onto the scene over 20 years ago as a curly-haired cutie and she’s evolved into a classic Hollywood beauty. Check out this AWESOME AUSSIE’S CELEB STYLE TRANSFORMATION. In 1990’s “Days of Thunder,” Nicole Kidman wowed audiences as a FRESH FACED MOP TOP FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER. THE LONGER Nicole STAYED IN HOLLYWOOD, THE more she changed things up– from her signature ringlets to tamer waves and even stick-straight locks. OVER THE YEARS, Nicole’s BEEN A RED HOT REDHEAD, A BABELICIOUS BLONDE AND EVEN GONE TO THE DARK SIDE. BUT WHETHER HER HAIR’S BEEN LONG, SHORT OR IN-BETWEEN, she likes HER MEN THE SAME—SHORT! The mom of 3 has CHANNELED DOROTHY IN girlie BRAIDS and has WON US OVER WITH SOPHISTICATED UPDO’S, BUT HER red-carpet FASHION ALWAYS STAYS THE SAME, FLAWLESS… WITH HER STRIKING GOOD LOOKS AND PERFECT SKIN AND BODY, NICOLE’S ALWAYS A style standout. The Oscar winner is up for a Golden Globe for her role in “Rabbit Hole,” a drama co-starring Aaron Eckhart. CAN’T WAIT TO see what she wears on the red carpet.
Video Rating: 4 / 5