How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Creating Spin or Swerve in Soccer Shots

Fool the goalie by putting spin or swerve on the soccer ball; get tips on using spin when shooting soccer balls in this free beginner soccer (football or futbol) skills video lesson. Expert: Mark Wilson Contact: Bio: Mark Wilson played youth level through high school and then on to University of Paisley (Scotland). Filmmaker: Tom DiDonato

Juggling a soccer ball with your thighs and feet is a good way to learn how to stay in control of the ball. Learn how to juggle a soccer ball in this free beginner soccer lesson on video, with training in basic skills and moves. Expert: Tim Boucher Bio: Tim Boucher is the head soccer coach at LaSalle Academy in South Bend, IN. Tim has been coaching 7th & 8th grade soccer for the past 6 years. Filmmaker: Jerimae Yoder