Tia Carrere’s Story – Hollywood Report

Tia Carrere is an internationally-recognized actress and singer best known for her roles in Wayne’s World, True Lies, Rising Sun, and her very own action-adventure series Relic Hunter. Five weeks after her daughter was born, Tia danced her way into our hearts on ABC’s phenom Dancing With the Stars. Originally a singer, Tia returned to her roots three years ago recording her CD ” hawaiiana “- a compilation of classic Hawaiian tunes and a love letter to her hometown. It would be the first of three Grammy-nominated CDs to date. 2009’s ” ‘ikena ” nabbed a gold gramophone for Tia and her childhood friend Daniel Ho, Tia’s co-artist and producer. Although currently residing in Los Angeles, Tia was born and raise in Honolulu, Hawaii, the offspring of Filipino immigrants. In fact, Tia’s great-grandparents arrived in Hawaii by ship to work the sugarcane and pineapple plantations. Their 11 children, including Tia’s maternal grandmother Rae, all worked the fields as well. It is this work ethic and perseverance toward a common goal that was instilled in Tia at a young age and it is this value system that Tia credits with her level-headedness in a town and business rife with delusions of grandeur. Ever mindful of her matriarch’s immigrant roots, Tia Carrere has always made women’s, and ethnic women in particular, organizations a priority. Tia is very excited to be attending 2010’s Gala Event and to shine a light on the exhibit ECONOMICA and all the great work IMOW is doing.