Italy travel: Rome, more Catacombs, with Perillo Tours of It

Italy travel: Rome, video of more catacombs, and the most elaborately decorated crypt of our tour. All of the Apostles are drawn on the inside of the arch, such that the occupant(s) would ‘see’ the drawing. The person who was laid to rest here must have been very important to warrant such a tomb with a view. On our Perillo Tours of Rome we have gone from the Sistine Chapel to this painted arch in the Catacombs. Both artists worked on their backs for a long time to perform their tasks, but the artist in the catacombs did it by candlelight amongst the stench of 10000 decaying corpses. Probably rats and flies, too. (You can view this video, and other travel videos in full-size and near-DVD quality, travel stills and more at Italy travel tours with Perillo Tours, Real People having Real Fun!
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