Traveling with the Train in Italy, What you need to know. Learn how to use the train in Italy, vocab and phrases to help you enjoy your trip. and ALWAYS VALIDATE YOUR TICKET IN THE YELLOW BOX BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAIN Some tips on Italian Train stations. Buy your tickets at the machines if you know where you want to go as you will save time, though the agents at the ticket office are always extremely helpful. Some Vocabulary you may need Where is the Train station Dove e la stazione Which track? Qual binario? Do I have to change trains? Devo cambiare il treno? At what time does my train leave – A che ora parte il mio treno. Arrivals arrivi It is usually white on the sheets in the train station. Departures partenze Usually yellow Binario platform Ticket office Biglietteria Eurostar train and fast trains require reservations. Regional trains do not. Look for the R on the timetable.