Italy travel: Rome. The Catacombs, with Perillo Tours of Ita

Italy travel: Rome, the Christian Catacombs (beginning). Unlike the Catacombs in Paris, these catacombs had no bones. However, it was a rather amazingly intricate and extensive network of tunnels! The video shows that you wouldn’t want to play ‘hide and seek’ here. The one that we visited had tens of thousands of bodies interred in it’s time. All the half arches you see in this video held a body or two (or more); the tiny spaces held children. Our Perillo Tours Familia walked single file down these narrow corridors. The sterility of the current presentation belies the magnitude of 10000 corpses decomposing; the stench must have been overwhelming. (You can view this video, and other travel videos in full-size and near-DVD quality, travel stills and more at Italy travel tours with Perillo Tours, Real People having Real Fun!