Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii – Disc Golf 18 holes in 6:05

I got this game today and it’s awesome! The motion plus attachment is really great … it took me about 15-20 minutes to get used to the new 1:1 controls, and I LOVE IT!!! I decided to make a little disc golf speedrun to show how much control i already have after 1 and a half hours of playing with this game. I’m still struggling a little with the mid-% throws … hopefully with more practice i can get those down. It’s really amazing how much physical control you have with this game. The motion plus controls have worked 100% of the time … any mistakes i made were because i didn’t throw the disc correctly. BRILLIANT!!! Total time for this speedrun is 6:05. Timing began when i picked up the first disc, and stopped when the final disc hit the chains of the 18th hole. The motion plus controls make this a very fun speedrun … i’ll definitely be improving this time in the future :)