Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness are Forever Linked

As a person who has worked and sometimes struggled with his health and fitness for most of my life, I have come to understand that nutrition and wellness are forever linked and critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My father had to go through heart surgery eight years ago, and when he got out of the hospital, he had a problem with his stomach where he could not eat without feeling nauseous. There were a few things that did not bother him as much, so we loaded up on those items, like bread, crackers, chicken and so forth, and that was pretty much all that he ate for a month or two.
It was not long before I realized that proper nutrition and wellness are forever linked, because he became very lethargic and achy. He would tell us that he felt weak and didn’t really have the energy to do much of anything.

The problem was, he was supposed to be doing physical therapy to rebuild his strength and get back into shape, but he did not feel like doing anything. He was also getting tired of the diet he was on, because it was rather bland and he was eating the same things over and over. He was taking a multivitamin, but I still had a suspicion that he needed to be eating a more balanced diet.
I went online and found a web site where doctors would answer questions about a variety of topics, so I decided to ask about nutrition and wellness, and see what a professional had to say. The doctor who responded confirmed my suspicions and was actually kind enough to outline a diet plan that was balanced but still mild enough to not upset my father’s stomach.

I went to the store that night with my mother, and we bought the various foods that the doctor had recommended and started my father on that diet the next day. It worked like a charm.

Within a week, he was feeling more energetic and was not tired nearly as often. Within two weeks, he started going to physical therapy three times a week and was rebuilding his muscle in the process. After a month, he was walking around with no problem at all. It was almost as if he had never had the surgery.
It is amazing to me how good nutrition and wellness go hand in hand, and what I mean by that is how much nutrition helps you recover from physical or medical problems. Whenever I talk to somebody that is going through surgery, is injured or has an illness, I always tell them to make sure they are eating a nutritious diet. My father is a prime example of how much it can help.