Baby DVD’s

They say that more and more, the television is becoming the universal babysitter. While some decry the use of television as a distraction for children, many of these individuals don’t know what it means to be a working parent, single or not. The fact of the matter is that, while television in excess can be bad, monitored use of television to provide safe, educational fun for children is perfectly acceptable at any age.

For this reason, more and more parents are looking for baby dvds that will keep their kids’ attention and make them feel ok about doing a load of laundry while their little angel is zoned out. Parents looking for such dvds need look no further.

If your little one is very little (we’re talking newborn), look into Baby Mozart. These baby dvds seem nonsensical to us, but are entrancing for the little peanuts watching from their swings. Set to the melodic work of Mozart himself, the screen is filled with bright colors, toys, animals and babies, giving just enough variety to keep a baby’s attention without overstimulating them.

There are also other variations on Baby Mozart, including Baby Bach and Baby Monet. These are baby dvds that any parents can love.
As your baby gets a little older, there are other baby dvds to consider. Barney is always a good choice. With several decades of experience, the big purple dinosaur regales children with lively songs and down home lessons about hygiene, friendship and responsibility.

While the songs are, at times, grating, and, at others, downright irritating, kids love his dvds, and you can pick from dozens of options. These are baby dvds that have stood the test of time, and are still popular.
There are other baby dvds for this age group too. More and more popular today is the cute as a button Dora the Explorer.

The bilingual child wonder takes children on interactive adventures in everyday settings. It’s like Blue’s Clues in cartoon format, except without the creepy host and shorter pauses for the kid’s responses. These baby dvds are nice because nearly every episode is intended to teach a child something new, and the skills they learn are fun to show off.

As your little babies start to grow into little toddlers, there is one other genre of baby dvds to consider: Disney. While your one year old may not completely understand the humor or plot line of The Little Mermaid, the visual stimulation and fun music will keep them engaged and on the edge of their seat.

Disney also has a wide span of movies that are a little more accessible for the youngest viewers, like Lilo and Stitch. Plus, these baby dvds are a lot easier to stomach for any older children you may have, or you, yourself.