Michigan State University Football

Michigan State University Football Can Never Be Counted Out. One of the things that has always impressed me about the Michigan State University football team is that it is almost always a formidable opponent, and even on the seasons when it is down, it can beat some of the top-ranked teams in the country.

A number of years ago, Ohio State was the top-ranked college football team in the country. They were undefeated, and the last big challenge of the season for the Buckeyes was a trip up to East Lansing, Michigan to take on the Michigan State University football team.  I thought Ohio State would come away with a victory at the very least, and a rout if things went as expected. When the dust all settled, it was Michigan State that came away with a 28-24 victory, pulling one of the biggest upsets of the entire season.

A few years back, the Notre Dame football team was off to a really good start and Michigan State came down to South Bend for a game. I knew that the Spartans would present a challenge to Notre Dame, but I never thought, with the roll the Irish were on at the time, that Michigan State would actually win the ball game.

That is exactly what happened, though, and it seemed like Notre Dame could not get its season back on track after the loss.
I have watched the Michigan State University football team beat Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin and a host of other Big 10 schools when it was not supposed to, and I am always impressed. It seems that the Spartans can almost always put together a pretty good program year after year.

The thing that kind of surprises me about Michigan State University football is that it seems like MSU always plays second fiddle to the University of Michigan, at least in recent years. It seems like so much is made out of the Michigan Wolverines football team that the Spartans are kind of waiting in the shadows. I have often wondered if the players themselves feel that way, and if it motivates them to show everyone what they are really capable of doing.

The Michigan State University football program has a very proud tradition, with six national championships and six Big 10 championships, as well.
The Michigan State University football team has always seemed to have a never-say-die attitude and has provided football fans with some very entertaining games over the years. I think that it is safe to say that when the Spartans take the field, they can never be counted out.