Reality TV casting

Earlier this year, a friend of mine went on a casting call for a popular reality television show. She had tried out for it once before and was turned down, and this year, she had a great story about why she wanted and deserved to be on the show. Unfortunately, she was not selected and was kind of upset about it. She did say that one of the former contestants was at the casting call and told her that she had tried out seven times before she was accepted, and it got me to thinking that reality TV casting seems so arbitrary.

I understand that the very nature of selecting the right group of people to be on a reality show is subjective and can always be second-guessed, but I do wonder if the people who make those decisions have any sort of criteria they have to follow and why they select some of the people they do.
I watch the show that my friend was trying to get on, and there are times when I wonder what they were thinking when they selected a particular cast member. I don’t know if reality TV casting is done by different groups of people who go to different parts of the country and have different ideas of what they are looking for, but sometimes I think they really got it wrong.

Maybe it is just the fact that I really wanted my friend to get on this particular show. She is a big fan, and has wanted to get on it for years. She finally got up the courage to go and try out last year and was turned down, and then was turned down a second time this year. I do wish that I could go to the people who are doing the reality TV casting and speak on behalf of my friend, telling them all of the reasons that she would be a good contestant.

That would just embarrass her, though, and they would probably think that I was a nutcase. I asked her why it was so important to her that she actually be a contestant on the show rather than just watch it from home, and she told me that she really believes in what it stands for and feels like she would be a good fit. The group that did the casting, however, did not agree.

The reality TV casting crew did get her down for a while, but the good news is that the is already back on the horse and making plans to try out next year. She said she has been working on some new angles to try to get on the show, and said she will never quit trying to get on the show. I admire her determination, but my concern would always be that, since they already turned me down twice, what makes me think they would ever want me to be on the show, period?