Metal Videos

Metal Videos Are a Blast from the Past.

As a young teenager, my favorite kind of music was heavy metal, and I used to love it when MTV would play metal videos, because it seemed like it was so rare for that happen. Most of the time, I would have to endure hours of pop or R&B videos before they would show anything even remotely heavy, and once it was over, it was back to waiting again. I think that all really started to change with one of the best known metal videos of all time Metallica’s One.

In it, a hospital patient has been badly wounded fighting in a war, but his mind is still functioning as it always has, and he is basically trapped inside a useless body. The song is based on a book by Dalton Trumbo called Johnny Got His Gun, and it is very powerful.

I think the video itself really showed what could be done with metal videos and opened the door for others. It seemed that shortly after its release, MTV gradually started playing more and more such videos. One that always stands out to me was the video for Paradise City by Guns n’ Roses. I guess the reason for that is the simplicity of the concept, and the white jacket and pants that Axl Rose is wearing. The video pans around an empty stadium and shows all of the band members standing around and cutting up, and then the music starts and the stadium is filled.

Then it gets into the heavier part of the song when the band starts ripping those hard chords and Axl starts head banging, and even though it was probably 20 years ago that I saw the video, I still think about it from time to time.
One of the other metal videos I liked was Anti-Social by Anthrax, mainly because I liked the song, and I felt like they did not try to do to much in the video, which for me would have taken away from the whole feel of the song. It would have been harder to concentrate on the song if they tried to make the video to flashy.

When the MTV show Headbangers Ball was first introduced, I was absolutely thrilled, because it was a show devoted entirely to metal videos that I would literally watch one after another. The only problem there was that the show was on late at night when it first came out, and my parents would not always let me stay up and watch it.
Today, I will often find myself looking up metal videos online to sort of take me back to a time when life was a lot simpler. It’s a blast from the past that sometimes you just need.