Opera Music

Opera Music Produces the Best Singers.

I am a fan of most kinds of music, but with our local opera festival drawing closer and the thought of Don Giovanni on my brain, I have been thinking a lot more about opera music lately and how talented opera singers truly are. I remember reading a biography of the great operatic tenor Jose Carreras and learning how about how much he practiced singing. He would spend hours every day at his craft, sometimes singing so long that he lost his voice.

I started to think about opera music compared to other types of music at that point, and realized that opera singers are far and away the best singers in the world. The way that I was able to figure this out was by comparing my experiences at the opera with recordings of opera, and comparing opera to other genres of music that I have heard live and recorded.
What I discovered about opera music is that its singers sound almost the same whether they are performing live or on a recording. They have beautiful and powerful voices that fill the concert hall, all as they’re acting out a role on the stage.

In musical styles like rock n’ roll and country-western, the singers have nice voices, and that is certainly part of what makes them appealing, but their recorded voices sound much sharper and cleaner than their voices sound live. I am not sure why opera music produces the best singers, but I have a few ideas. First, with country and rock artists, they are usually writing their own songs. Not only do they have to perform them, but they also have to write the lyrics and create the music for them.

With opera music, singers do have to worry about acting out their performances, but they mainly focus their effort on singing. I think another thing that distinguishes opera singers is that they tend to study music, learning music theory and how to understand chord progressions and so forth a lot more than rock or country singers do. I think that those things certainly help.

Opera singers certainly enjoy what they are doing, but I think they go into it knowing that a career in opera is what they want, whereas a rock artist or country singer would probably love to make a living as a musician in a band, but their happiness does not necessarily depend on that happening.

Whatever the reason, I do still believe that opera music produces the best singers. With the opera festival just a few months aways, I am really excited about going to see some of my favorite operas and hearing the beautiful music. I love all kinds of music, but there is definitely something special about opera.