Great 80s Music Hits

You are a lover of the great 80s Music Hits?

When most people think of the 80s they do not have very fond memories of the music that was on the air at the time. We tend to think of the 70s as the disco era and the 60s as the time when rock music developed. The 60s were the days of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, and a host of other great bands that we now think of as the seminal groups in rock history. But the 80s were a different story and do not get the respect that many experts think it should.

80s music hits included great bands like Tears for Fears and their fantastic international number one hit Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Shout.

There were modern pop groups too like Pet Shop Boys and their huge 80s music hit East End Boys and West End Girls or the digital Depeche Mode with Strange Love, Policy of Truth, Personal Jesus and Route 66. Other cult bands with truly great musicians sprang up like The Cure and their hit Just Like Heaven.

Who can forget Simple Minds and Don’t You Forget About Me? There were plenty of great groups making 80s music hits that just don’t get the credit they deserve.

The 80s was also the time of bands such as the Psychedelic Furs and their big 80s music hit ìPretty in Pinkî from the movie of the same name. There was also R.E.M. and their song Losing My Religion which was in many ways responsible for the proliferation of 90s style Modern Rock.

80s music hits were not limited to Pop music, but were also being created by bonafide rock bands such as Duran Duran with their hit Rio and also Bon Jovi with what many consider one of the best of the 80s music hits Livin On A Prayer. And who will ever forget Guns ní Roses with Sweet Child of Mine which sounds as fresh today as it was back then.

The 80s were also the time of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna, three giants of the industry who continued to churn out hit after hit for many years. Prince Purple Rain was just the right blend of rock and soul and the big hit from the album was Let’s Go Crazy. U2 began in the 80s and their songs With or Without You and Pride (In the Name of Love) from their giant album The Joshua Tree began a long string of massive 80s music hits for them.

Whimsical music was also the order of the day and groups like Wham and their hit Careless Whispers topped the charts. A-Ha, a pop group from Sweden also rocked on with their big hit Take on Me.

There were some extremely dark songs as well like the moody Voices Carry by Til Tuesday, a one hit wonder. The Fixx added their fiery brand of rock with Red Skies at Night.

So you can see that with just these few examples, there were many unsung 80s music hits that never received the credit they deserved.