Cool Rugby Shirts and Sporty Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

Cool Rugby Shirts and Sporty Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

Rugby shirts or Jerseys are knitted garments worn by rugby league and rugby union players. Like majority of sports jerseys, rugby shirts normally have the team logo on the chest area and the team player’s number on the back.  Rugby shirts that are not used in competitive plays sometimes waive this option.  Sponsorship labels are usually placed on the abdominal area of the rugby shirt.  Design usually contains five or six horizontal stripes called “hoops” in alternating colors.  These differ from football shirts which commonly have vertical stripes.


Rugby shirts were customarily made of cotton but other teams now wear polyester and still others choose to mix cotton and synthetic fabrics.  Polyester is the most common choice basically because it is more “slippery” than cotton or cotton blend which makes it harder to latch onto by potential tacklers.  Even though tackling is considered illegal during the game, this is very hard to avoid so designers designed the shirts to minimize the availability of loose materials to grip during tackling situations.


Modern rugby shirts are figure hugging often with very small or no collars or buttons so as to provide less material for a tackler to get a grip of.  The shirts are also fashioned to absorb water and mud away from the body since Rugby is usually played in winter and/or during bad weather.  With short and sometimes long sleeves, rugby shirts are similar to polo shirts with stiff collars and rubber buttoned openings at the top.  Rubber buttons are traditionally used on the shirts so that they would come undone if pulled on in a game rather than have it popping off.


Most rugby shirts worn by rugby league have “V” necks but some teams prefer the round-necked collarless shirts.  Rugby league shirts are also more colorful and usually with more lavish designs than those worn by the Rugby union players with their matching rugby boots.  The extravagant designs of modern rugby league shirts and rugby boots may have come from modern professional football since it has been part of rugby league’s culture.


The rugby shirt including the rugby boots have become a very popular fashion item in numerous cultures.  A lot of manufacturing companies provide several lines of “Rugby-style” shirts with its distinctive design.  These have now become casual attire for almost everyone because of its no nonsense style and good quality.


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