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Rugby Tours – Big Rugby Enthusiast Tells You Why You Should Consider Rugby Tours to Argentina

Are you a huge rugby buff? Well, how about going to a place that has produced some of the biggest rugby players of international recognition? Argentina is exactly this, the tourist spot that is an absolute must for any demanding rugby fan. It’s no wonder tourists are showing interest in rugby tours.

There are lots of reasons to book rugby tours to Argentina, whether you like rugby or not, but especially for rugby fans, the country has a certain charm. Argentina currently is ranked fourth in the International Rugby Board World Rankings, just below New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. At the Rugby World Cup in France last year, Argentina defeated France (the locals!) to finish at a historic third place. Argentinian fans went wild all over the country. Argentina has bred some of the best rugby stars in the world, for example, Agustin Pichot and Felipe Contepomi, the second top point scorer in the last Rugby World Cup. Now more than ever before, people in Argentina are crazy about rugby.

If you really want to make the most of everything the place has to offer, there are several optional things to do. You can tour the fabulous city of Buenos Aires and know more about its fascinating historical background. The city is a true melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and this is clearly perceived in its buildings, cuisine, and people. There are popular spots in areas like Palermo Hollywood and Palermo So-Ho. If you´re looking for something a little less modern and noisy, and more distant from city life, you should spend a day at a traditional “estancia”, where you´ll enjoy some of the more typical Argentinian customs like horseback riding.

Then there´s the most appetizing food. You´ll partake of the tastiest barbecue or “asado”, as it is called in Argentina, world-famous for its unique flavor. And this is not an exaggeration. The actual preparation is a ritual in itself, and Argentinians are very proud of their barbecuing skills, which they´ve honed to perfection usually with some advice passed down from generation to generation. The meat is of such top-notch quality, you´ll find it slices like butter.

Finally, there´s the economic advantage you can´t ignore. The favorable exchange rate of 3 pesos to a dollar, makes rugby tours to Argentina an opportunity you can´t miss. You´ll be able to enjoy a variety of activities, from dinner at trendy restaurants to shopping for original leather products, at unbeatable prices. So, if you are a big rugby buff and want to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience, do not hesitate to book rugby tours to Argentina today. – Rugby Tours

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