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Viterbo Italy, Travel Italy-Travel Video Guide: Rome hill town travel in Italy day trip outside Rome. Viterbo is an ancient city and comune in the Lazio region of central Italy, the capital of the province of Viterbo. Viterbo Lazio Italy by Italian Broadcasting Company for the best TV Italy Telly Italy video in English. Travel to Italy in luxury and style live La Dolce Vita and shop in Italy for Made in Italy products, the finest products in the world. Travel to Italy Viterbo hill town outside Rome Italy. Viterbo day trip from Rome Italy region of Lazio to Viterbo for is approximately 100 60 miles north of Rome on the Via Cassia, and it is surrounded by the Monti Cimini and Monti Volsini. The historic center of the city is surrounded by medieval walls, still intact, built during the 11th and 12th centuries. Entrance to the walled center of the city is through ancient Rome gates. Travel to Italy Rome Italy.
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Recorded August 24, 2008. Rome is the capital city in Italy, and its largest and most populous city, with 2726539 residents. It is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber river. Rome’s history as a city spans over two and a half thousand years, as one of the founding cities of Western Civilisation. It was the centre of the Roman Empire, which dominated Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for four hundred years from the 1st Century BC till the 4th Century AD. Rome has a significant place in the story of Christianity up to the present day as the home of the Roman Catholic Church and the site of the Vatican City, an independent city-state run by the Catholic Church within as an enclave of Rome. Our tour begins at the Triumph Arc of Emperor Constantine. Next we tour the Colosseum. After driving past the ruins of Caracalla Baths, Circus Maximus and the Victoriano we visit Trevi Fountain. From the rooftop terrace of the hotel where we had lunch there were sweeping views of the eternal city. The video concludes in Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica. From:
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