John Denver live in Italy – Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight

John Denver playing with his audience and singingBaby ‘You Look Good To Me Tonight’ in concert at Assisi, Italy, on 8 June 1986. This is one of the great moments that John was made for! A truly great performer gone too soon. This clip also shows John fully enjoying himself. Throughout this song he can be seen turning around to glance lovingly at backing singer Casandra Delaney who was destined to be his second wife. Sadly, this copy of JD’s Italian concert is not complete. The film ends after 41 minutes around the middle point of Calypso, with one or possibly two songs missing. Fans will know that John often ended his performance at this point in his career with This Old Guitar and/or Perhaps Love. Here is the complete list of songs that can be found: Boy From the Country Take Me Home, Country Roads Grandma’s Feather Bed Intro/Back Home Again Matthew Leaving On a Jet Plane Follow Me Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight Rocky Mountain High Annie’s Song (one verse in Italian) Calypso (incomplete)