Discover Italy with Central Holidays (HQ)

Travel to Italy has never been easier. Italy Tours and vacation packages from Central Holidays will guarantee exposure to an Italy that is revered for its contribution to world culture and the arts. Make the most of your Italy vacation with Central Holidays, and encounter a country brimming with beauty and grandeur for which it is famous. Central Holidays has carefully designed our Italy tours and vacation packages to lead you through the changing Italian landscapes-from the history-filled streets of Palermo to the charming villas of Tuscany, from the romantic waterways of Venice to the Dolomite mountains. As a tour operator providing Italy tours and vacations for over 30 years, we have the experience to ensure that your travel to Italy is both memorable and affordable. Take a voyage through the extensive selection of Italy tours and packages below, and you will be sure to find an Italy vacation of a lifetime.
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