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Dreamgirl 3 Pack (Shallow Hal / The Girl Next Door / There’s Something About Mary) Reviews

Dreamgirl 3 Pack (Shallow Hal / The Girl Next Door / There’s Something About Mary)

  • Factory sealed DVD

Includes the following titles: Disk 1: GIRL NEXT DOOR (RATED) Disk 2: SHALLOW HAL Disk 3: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (SINGLE DISK)

List Price: $ 24.98

Price: $ 12.53

The Talented Mr. Ripley / School Ties (Double Feature)

No Description Available.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: R
Release Date: 5-FEB-2008
Media Type: DVD

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 10.34

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Jackie Collins’ Lucky Chances [VHS]

Jackie Collins’ Lucky Chances [VHS]

Original unedited version TV miniseries.

She is beautiful, wild and seductive. But her greatest desire is to win one man’s love. And to do that, she must be more ruthless, more cunning and more deadly than he – the most feared of mob bosses.

Spanning 40 violent years in the life of a powerful underworld family, Lucky Chances traces the rise to power of Gino Santangelo and his fierce rivalry with his daughter, Lucky. From their savage vendettas to their smoldering love affairs, the explosive story focuses on a family that will do anything to protect the empire they have struggled to create.

Color, English Language, Approximate Running Time 285 minutes, Not Rated.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 23.54

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Bewitched (Special Edition) Reviews

Bewitched (Special Edition)


Oscar(r)-winner Nicole Kidman (Best Actress in a leading role, The Hours, 2002) and wickedly funny Will Ferrell star as actors playing Darrin and Samantha on a remake of the television show “Bewitched”in this cleverly crafty comedy from director Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail). Egomaniacal star Jack Wyatt (Ferrell) casts unknown Isabel (Kidman) as his co-star in order to monopolize the limelight and regain his top spot on Hollywood’s A-list. When Isabel, a real witch, discovers Jack’s self-centered scheme, she conjures a sidesplitting spell the mere mortal will never forget!

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 1.95

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Valentino: The Last Emperor Reviews

Valentino: The Last Emperor

  • Brand Name: PHASE 4 FILMS (USA) LLC Mfg#: 625828493003
  • Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Manufacturer: PHASE 4 FILMS
  • Genre: Documentary
  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

A critically acclaimed look into the life and times of legendary fashion designer Valentino. The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of the fashion icons celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life and work, and also explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. But at the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 9.83

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Wayne’s World 2 [Blu-ray]

Wayne’s World 2 [Blu-ray]

Everyone’s favorite headbangers from Aurora, Illinois, are back in this sequel to the 1992 hit comedy Wayne’s World. The success of their TV show allows Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) to finally move out of their parents’ homes, but now they have to figure out what to do with their lives. Wayne’s girlfriend, up-and-coming rock star Cassandra (Tia Carrere), is enjoying a career boost thanks to her new manager Bobby Cohn (Christopher Walker), but Garth thinks that Bobby is more interested in her body than her place on the charts. Meanwhile, Wayne is visited in a dream by the late Jim Morrison (Michael A. Nickles), who convinces him to promote a massive rock festival, “Waynestock,” featuring Aerosmith as headliners.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 34.77

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Premonition / Untraceable (Two-Pack) [Blu-ray] Reviews

Premonition / Untraceable (Two-Pack) [Blu-ray]

  • Factory sealed DVD

Premonition Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) has a beautiful house, a loving husband and two adorable daughters. Her life is perfect, until the day she gets the devastating news that her husband Jim (Julian McMahon) has died in a car accident. When she wakes

List Price: $ 26.99

Price: $ 3.95

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l’ultimo capodanno dvd Italian Import

l’ultimo capodanno dvd Italian Import

a roma, al numero civico 1043 della via cassia, c’e’ il complesso residenziale “le isole”, formato da due moderne palazzine. e’ la notte dell’ultimo dell’anno e gli abitanti del comprensorio si preparano a festeggiare s.silvestro in vari modi. in un appartamento, giulia si sta preparando perche’ ha invitato a cena alcuni amici. e’ un po’ tesa e nervosa, perche’ un amico al telefono voleva invitarla per la sera, poi, quando tutti sono a tavola, scopre che suo marito enzo ha una relazione con lisa, una invitata. giulia medita allora di uccidere il marito. in un altro appartamento, la signora gina sta preparando il cenone, e vorrebbe avere presente anche il figlio cristiano, che pero’ e’ chiuso in camera con un amico con cui sta pensando come

List Price: $ 14.22

Price: $ 14.22

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Ghost (DVD) 1990 – Canadian Home Video

Ghost (DVD) 1990 – Canadian Home Video

  • Canadian Home Video
  • DVD
  • Paramount Home Video

A love story of a man who is killed and comes back with the help of a spiritual advisor to solve his own murder and protect his girlfriend.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 2.77

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4 Movie Marathon: Dark Comedy Collection (Serial Mom / Nurse Betty / Very Bad Things / Your Friends & Neighbors)

4 Movie Marathon: Dark Comedy Collection (Serial Mom / Nurse Betty / Very Bad Things / Your Friends & Neighbors)

  • Run Time: 0
  • Release Date: 3/22/2011

The 4 Movie Marathon: Dark Comedy Collection includes Serial Mom, Nurse Betty, Very Bad Things and Your Friends & Neighbors. Starring Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Chris Rock, Renee Zellweger, Aaron Eckhart and More!

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 3.21

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  • Factory sealed DVD

Five brilliant artists join forces against breast cancer as each directs a short segment of this groundbreaking movie. “Charlotte” depicts a woman (Ginnifer Goodwin) struggling to say goodbye to her young daughter. The story of “Mia” (Patricia Clarkson) is conveyed through a series of flashbacks. “Cheyanne” (Lyndsy Fonseca) is a gorgeous stripper whose new marriage is shaken by her disease. “Lili” follows an overachiever (Rosario Dawson) who turns to her sister for help telling their mother of her diagnosis. And, finally, in “Pearl,” an oncologist (Jeanne Tripplehorn) suddenly finds herself in the patient’s seat. Also starring Annie Potts, Bob Newhart and Tony Shalhoub, Five is an unforgettable inspiration.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 5.27

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